2017 time away

Dell encourages all team members to take time away from work to rest, refocus and recharge. At Dell, there are four categories of time away from work.*

  • Vacation: Based on career level and tenure. Vacation cannot be carried over year to year, unless you live in California or Nebraska.
  • Personal business allowance (PBA): 80 hours annually for sick time, doctor appointments, parent/teacher conferences, religious and national holidays, and so on. As a new hire, your PBA for the remainder of the year will be prorated based on your hire date. Business Process Services (BPS) team members are covered under the BPS PBA Policy.
  • Corporate holidays: 11 holidays per year
  • Leave of absence: Family/medical leave (FMLA), military leave and parental leave**

Time off also includes bereavement and jury duty.

*Dell Services Federal Government (DSFG) has different human resources and timekeeping systems and processes than those used by the rest of Dell. DSFG also has leave benefit levels and mechanics that differ as well. For more information, go the DSFG intranet > Tools for the Job > QMS > QMSM Policies > Process Owner: Human Resources, and review the following policies:

  • 5.02.003 QMSM Holidays Policy
  • 5.02.012 Paid Time Off (PTO) Policy

**NTT DATA Services employees are not eligible for parental leave.

Vacation schedule

You earn vacation as shown in this table***:

Career levelAnnual vacation immediatelyAnnual vacation at 5 yearsAnnual vacation at 9 years
IA-IH and MA-MC 120 hours 120 hours 160 hours
II-IJ and MD-ME 120 hours 120 hours 160 hours
IK-IL and EF-EI 160 hours 160 hours 160 hours
  • Annual vacation is tracked differently based on your state of residence. Annual vacation is allotted at the beginning of each year and accrues throughout the year. Outside of California and Nebraska, vacation is allocated annually on the first day of the calendar year. For team members working in California or Nebraska, vacation is allocated on a weekly basis (DSFG is bi-weekly).
  • Dell wants you to use your time off. You must use all your vacation time during the year — you can’t carry it over (except in California and Nebraska).

You can find holiday and vacation information at Inside Dell > You and Dell > Global Benefits Home > Employee Benefits Programs > Taking Time for Yourself > Time Away (Vacation, Holiday, LOA, etc.).

***Vacation time does not apply to the NTT DATA employees. NTT team members are eligible for 80 hours on their date of hire, and on the first of January and the fifth calendar year of service, they are eligible for 120 hours of vacation. On the first of January of their ninth calendar year of service, they are eligible for 160 hours of vacation.

Time saving benefits

Spend more time on what's important by taking advantage of these services:

On-site banking

ATM machines, on-site representatives, and special packages are available for your convenience. Services vary by location. For more information, go to Inside Dell > Organization > Facilities > Global Facilities > Building > Banking.


Dell pays the full cost of on-site notary services (by appointment) for team members. For more information, go to Inside Dell > Organization > Facilities > Global Facilities > Workspace > Notaries Public.