If you don’t meet the 2017 health goals

These are the health goals for 2017:

If you don’t meet all the goals when you complete your biometric screening and take the health survey, you’ll be invited to participate in a personalized Health Coaching Program. After you complete the survey, the results page will describe a personal program and steps to take to earn the maximum 2017 Healthy Lifestyle Discount.

If you participate in a coaching program to earn the remaining $575* of the premium refund, you’ll need to meet with your health coach at least four times. Then, you’ll need to show improvement toward at least one of the health goals you missed by July 31, 2017. After you complete the coaching program and show improvement toward at least one missed goal, you’ll begin to receive the premium refund on your paycheck within two pay periods, along with a lump-sum of the refund you missed to date, and the remainder will be paid in regularly scheduled paydays throughout the rest of the calendar year. Note: You needed to complete the biometric screening and the health survey by January 31, 2017 to be eligible for the maximum Healthy Lifestyle Discount.

You also have the option to participate in and complete the new Step to Be Fit activity between February 6 and March 27, 2017. Be sure to sign up to receive information about the Step to Be Fit activity after you complete the health survey.

If you were hired on or after November 1, 2016, you will automatically receive the prorated premium refund for 2017. You are still encouraged to take the WebMD Health Survey and you may also take advantage of the coaching program.

*Spouses and domestic partners with medical coverage through Dell will earn the remaining $510 of the premium refund when they complete a coaching program or alternative.

How the Health Coaching Program works

The Health Coaching Program consists of regular phone calls with a personal health coach. Depending on your risk level, the calls can be monthly or more frequent. You can set the time, day and phone number most convenient for you. You and your coach will work together to set realistic health goals, and along the way, your coach will give you tools to help you succeed. Each month, you and your coach will discuss your successes and your challenges in meeting your goals. To complete the program, you’re required to have four coaching phone calls and show progress on one of the missed health goals. Your participation in any of the health programs is completely confidential.

Save on medications if you have certain conditions

You can save money on prescription drug costs when you participate in the coaching program. Here’s how it works:

  • Dell will waive or reduce your copay for certain hypertension and diabetes drugs to help you reach your health goals even faster.
  • When you participate in a coaching program that helps you quit tobacco for good, tobacco cessation drugs are available at no cost to you and you are allowed two refills.
  • You must be covered under a Dell medical plan, and complete four coaching phone calls over the course of the year. A prescription from your doctor is required to receive tobacco cessation drugs. Note: You must be actively engaged in the Health Coaching Program every 120 days to maintain this benefit, and you must complete the WebMD Health Survey annually.

Tips for success

Make your coaching calls a priority. If you can’t make the original time, reschedule — but don’t cancel. On each call, be sure you check in with your coach about your progress toward the health goals.

Be sure your coach knows your health strengths, opportunities and challenges. Providing more information to your coach helps him or her personalize your coaching program recommendations and will improve your outcomes.

Start your coaching program early so you have time to complete the program and show improvement toward one of the health goals you missed.

If it is unreasonably difficult for you due to a medical condition, or it is medically inadvisable for you, to meet the physical activity goal or complete the Step to Be Fit activity, Dell will work with you (and, if you wish, your doctor) to make a reasonable alternative standard or waiver available to you to earn the Healthy Lifestyle Discount. In addition, you may request an alternative for earning the Healthy Lifestyle Discount that accommodates your doctor’s recommendations regarding medical appropriateness. The deadline to satisfy either of these alternatives is July 31, 2017.

If you prefer not to participate in the survey, biometric screening, and health coaching, Dell will make an alternative available to you. The deadline to complete this alternative is January 31, 2017.

If you need an alternative, please call 1-888-366-3029, option 1. To receive the premium refund, you must be an active team member covered by a Dell medical plan.

The Healthy Lifestyle Discount does not apply to Hawaii and Puerto Rico residents, Aetna International Plan participants, or inactive team members. For your spouse or domestic partner to qualify for this premium refund, he or she must be covered on your Dell medical plan and satisfy the Healthy Lifestyle Discount requirements.

For additional information regarding what health information is collected, who will receive it, and how it will be used and kept confidential, review this notice.