2017 dental benefits

When you enroll in the Dell Dental Plan administered by Delta Dental, you have access to a nationwide network of providers. The provider network is broken into two tiers: PPO and Premier. You can elect dental coverage without enrolling in medical coverage.

You will not receive a wallet ID card for dental benefits; your provider will verify your enrollment.

The dental plan offers both in- and out-of-network coverage, but you save money by seeing an in-network dentist. Within Delta’s two tiers, the PPO network provides a greater discount than the Premier network. Find out if your current dentist is in the PPO or Premier network by using the provider search tool at deltadentalins.com/dell to ensure your current provider participates.

Annual maximum per covered individual $1,500 combined in- and out-of network* $1,500 combined in- and out-of network*
Annual deductible Individual: $50
Family: $150
Individual: $75
Family: $225
Preventive and diagnostic care
(no deductible required)
Plan pays 100% Plan pays 100% of reasonable and customary expenses
Basic care (after deductible) Plan pays 80% Plan pays 70%
Major care (after deductible) Plan pays 50% Plan pays 50%
  • $50 separate lifetime deductible per person
  • Plan pays 50% after deductible
  • $1,500 lifetime maximum
  • Only orthodontia services performed after your effective date will be considered for benefits
  • No age restrictions

*Does not apply to orthodontia.

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