2017 vision benefits

When you enroll in the Dell Vision Plan administered by Vision Service Plan (VSP), you have access to a broad network of independent, high-performing private doctors and vision shops, including Walmart. With more than 23,000 providers in the U.S., VSP is known for service, quality, selection and savings. Contact VSP to ensure that your current provider participates in the network.

You will not receive a wallet ID card for vision benefits; your provider will verify your enrollment.

For flexibility, the Dell Vision Plan allows you to access services out of network; however, you save money if you stay within the network. Here’s a summary of your basic vision benefits:

Annual exam $10 copay $10 copay + $43 allowance
Basic lenses $25 copay* $25 copay* + $30 allowance
Bifocal lenses $25 copay* $25 copay* + $45 allowance
Trifocal lenses $25 copay* $25 copay* + $52 allowance
Frame allowance $25 copay* + $130 allowance + 20% discount on amount over allowance $25 copay* + $47 allowance
Contacts (instead of glasses) $120 allowance, no copay $105 allowance, no copay
Contacts (medically necessary) $25 copay $25 copay + $210 allowance

*The materials copay is never more than $25, whether you buy lenses, a frame, or both lenses and a frame together.

For more information

See the summary plan descriptions on Your Benefits Resources website (@ Work | Log in ). From Your Benefits Resources home page, go to the Knowledge Center.