Expert Medical Opinion

Be sure all of your medical questions are being answered...

The Expert Medical Opinion program, provided through Advance Medical, is a Dell benefit that can help you gain assurance from world-leading medical experts when you or your family members have medical concerns.  No matter where you are in your diagnosis or treatment plan, the Expert Medical Opinion program can help you, your covered spouse/domestic partner, and dependents, at no cost.* Let the doctors at Advance Medical help you gain comfort and clarity. Once your case has been reviewed, you will receive an Expert Medical Opinion report that includes a recommended course of treatment and answers to your questions.

Call 1-888-218-0146 to speak with a physician. For more information, visit, or check out the FAQ.

*To access this program, team members and their dependents must be enrolled in a Dell U.S. national, regional and/or U.S. expat medical plan.