Privacy policy

Dell takes the privacy and confidentiality of its benefit programs, including Well at Dell, very seriously. Your participation in the health benefit plans, health survey and health improvement programs, as well as health information resources (such as WebMD and the Well at Dell NurseLine) is with reliable third-party vendors. Your personal, individual health information is not shared with anyone at Dell.

In accordance with your HIPAA privacy rights, Dell only receives aggregate, non-personalized information about claims, health survey results, and utilization of the Well at Dell programs and resources. This summary information helps us continue to enhance our programs to meet the health and cost management needs of Dell, its employees, and their covered dependents. It is never used for any other employment-related purpose.

The health improvement program third-party vendors may contact you by mail, email or phone to encourage your participation. The choice to participate and/or receive further correspondence from these vendors is up to you. Please contact the Dell Benefits Center at 1-888-335-5663, option 1, option 1, if you'd like to opt out of further contact or correspondence.

To learn about your HIPAA privacy rights and how they are protected under the Dell benefit plans and Well at Dell, go to Your Benefits Resources website (@ Work | Log in ).