Your personal health record

What's in it?

Your PHR includes data from your annual physical exams, such as cholesterol levels and blood pressure, as well as vaccination records, screenings and prescription medication history.

How do I access it?

Since your PHR is available electronically through WebMD, you have 24/7 access all in one convenient place. You also have lifelong, "portable" access to your PHR. That means you can still access your PHR, even if you leave Dell in the future.

Mobile Health Record

Available through Well at Dell and WebMD, the Mobile Health Record gives you the ability to use your smartphone to access the personal health information that is securely contained in your personal health record.

View and update key information when you need it most. You can also view recent health history details; look up your medical provider contact information; and share your health information on the go, such as with your doctor during a visit or at a biometric screening event.

Go to on your smartphone to get started today. You'll need to know your username and password. You can retrieve your username/password or reset your password from the mobile login page or call WebMD Customer Service at 1-888-366-3029.

Take action to maintain your PHR

In order to maintain your PHR and have access to all your personal claim information, you'll need to opt in to receive automatic uploads. If you haven't completed this step, you will be prompted to complete it before taking your WebMD Health Survey. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Log in to the WebMD website (@ Work | Log in ).
  2. A window will appear requiring you to choose to opt in to data imports. Select I agree to Dell’s Authorization to Release Health Information to make it available to you in a personal health record maintained by WebMD Health Services.
  3. Another window will appear, but it is automatically selected. If you do not authorize your biometric screening data to be imported to participate the Healthy Lifestyle Discount program, you’ll need to “uncheck” the option to opt out.
  4. If you opt in to both windows, you’ll receive automatic imports of your health screenings, medical claims and prescription medications into your PHR.

Whether you choose to opt in or opt out of automatic data importing, you can change this setting at any time. Just click Settings in the top navigation bar of your home page.