Changing benefits during the year?

Once you enroll for your Dell benefits during Annual Enrollment or your new hire enrollment period, you can change your coverage during the year only if you experience a qualified status change (QSC), such as:

  • You get married, divorced or legally separated.
  • You have or adopt a child.
  • Your spouse or child dies.
  • You, your spouse or your dependent child becomes entitled to Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Your or your spouse's employment status changes, resulting in a loss (or gain) of coverage (includes start or end of an unpaid leave of absence, change from full-time to part-time or vice versa).
  • You, your spouse or your dependent child loses medical coverage under another group employer, governmental or educational institution health plan.
  • Your spouse changes his or her benefits elections during his or her company's benefits open enrollment (held at a different time than Dell's Annual Enrollment).
  • Your dependent day care situation changes; for example, you change day care providers, or the amount your provider charges changes. This applies only to the Dependent Care (Day Care) FSA.

If you're choosing different coverage, let ALEX® help! ALEX is your virtual benefits counselor. He'll ask you some basic questions (your answers are confidential, of course), walk you through your Dell benefits options and, based on your needs, help you choose the best plans for yourself and your family. Talk to ALEX now. (Problems with this link? Try Firefox® or Chrome.)

Important: You have 31 days after the event to make changes and provide required documentation. Your change must be consistent with your qualifying life event.

See the summary plan descriptions on Your Benefits Resources website (@ Work | Log in ). From Your Benefits Resources home page, go to the Knowledge Center.