Work/life balance

Dell provides a collaborative, inclusive work environment with opportunities to network and get involved through the following resources:

Connected Workplace

We're creating a highly mobile, collaborative and flexible work environment. Connected Workplace encourages team members to explore new ways of working:

  • Mobile — Telework/telecommute up to four days a workweek
  • Remote work — Work exclusively away from a formal office
  • Flextime — Vary start and end times of workdays
  • Part-time — Reduction of workload and hours to less than standard workweek
  • Job sharing — Two team members working part-time hours sharing a full-time position
  • Compressed workweek — Compression of schedule into fewer than five days a week (such as four 10-hour days)
  • Customized — A hybrid of multiple options

For more information, go to Inside Dell > Organizations > HR > Connected Workplace.

Employee Resource Groups

Dell Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are communities of team members with common interests, such as generations, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, sexual orientation or abilities. ERGs are open to all Dell team members. There are over 34,000 ERG members in 300+ chapters spanning 60 countries across the globe, with new members joining daily. Whether local or remote, all Dell team members and leaders can join any of the ERGs and team members are encouraged to get involved. For more information, go to:

  • Legacy EMC: Inside Dell > Around Dell > Diversity-Employee Circles (E)
  • Legacy Dell: Inside Dell > Around Dell > Employee Resource Groups (D)

Powering the Possible Community Service Program

The Powering the Possible Community Service Program provides a strong framework to enable global team members to share their expertise and provide support to the charitable causes and nonprofit organizations they are passionate about.

The Legacy of Good Community website is your one-stop shop for volunteering and giving. Through the Legacy of Good Community site, you can:

  • Identify team-building and individual volunteer opportunities
  • Track volunteer time to earn rewards for your favorite charities
  • Receive dollar-for-dollar matching on all donations made (up to $10,000)

For more information, go to Inside Dell > Around Dell > Purpose > Legacy of Good.